Mulberry Nursery & Pre School

About Us

Mulberry Nursery is a 41-place nursery and pre-school situated in the beautiful city of Bath. We are a leading nursery in the area and follow the forest school approach – something we think is important in the development of children’s early years learning 

Our Ethos

We believe that every child deserves the best start in life and within their own learning and development. This belief lies at the heart of everything we do and our dedicated team of early years professionals strive to ensure every child’s individual needs are met. 

Our History

Mulberry Nursery & Pre-School was founded in 2005 as ‘Mulberry Kidz’ by Julia & Simon Meadowcroft. 

Since we opened our doors for the first time, 

In 2018/19, we rebranded to Mulberry Nursery & Pre-School 

Mulberry Kidz Team
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